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Special Hazard Supression

  • Inspection Services  Special Hazard systems are inspected and tested per the procedures outlined in NFPA 12, 12A, 12, 72 and 2001.  Some common tests performed are outlined below. Your ATECH Fire & Security technician will provide detail of any deficiencies found or repairs needed at the completion of the inspection.
    • Releasing Panel is tested to ensure all components are electrically sound. Primary and secondary power supplies, LEDs, fuses, panel boards and interconnecting cables are tested for proper operation.
      • Discharge test is performed on panel batteries to confirm required hours of standby and minutes of alarm are available.
      • All initiating devices are tested for proper operation (Manual release stations, smoke detectors, heat sensing detectors, control and relay modules).
      • All notification devices are tested for proper operation.
      • Interconnection to building fire alarm system is inspected for proper operation.
    • Agent type, quantity is verified
    • All piping, bracketing and nozzles are inspected
    • Shutdowns are verified
    • Interconnection to monitoring service is tested to ensure all signals are received properly.
  • New Special Hazard Systems  ATECH Fire & Security has a State of Ohio Special Hazard System Designer and NICET Certified technicians on staff.  Let us design, install and service your new special hazard system.

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