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Sprinkler & Fire Pump Inspections

  • Inspection Services  Sprinkler systems are inspected and tested per the procedures outlined in NFPA 25.  Some common tests performed are outlined below.  Your ATECH Fire & Security technician will provide detail of any deficiencies found or repairs needed at the completion of the inspection.
    • Fire Pump Test
      • Test is performed under minimum, rated and peak flows by controlling the quantity of water discharged through approved test devices.  Gauges, piping and control valves are visually inspected. Proper mechanical operation of pump and control valves is tested. 
    • Sprinkler Inspection
      • System is inspected and tested to ensure that it is mechanically sound.
      • Pipe, fittings, bracing and sprinkler placement is visually inspected.  Proper spacing between sprinkler heads and storage is inspected.
      • All alarm supervisory and initiating devices are tested for proper operation (tamper and flow switches).
      • Main drain is flowed and inspectors test is tested to make certain an alarm signal is received within the proper time interval.
      • All systems are inspected to make certain hydraulic nameplates are in place and control and inspectors test valves have proper signage.
      • ATECH will confirm all control valves are supervised or locked out in the proper position.
      • Fire Department Connections are inspected. ATECH will make sure caps are in place and operational. 

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